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Christina Vantzou & 7-piece ensemble

It's been more than three years since composer Christina Vantzou (US) has played in Brussels, her current home. Her last album, called N°4, as a 4th release on the US label Kranky, has been praised all over the musical press and beyond. Vantzou cites sleep and “the loosening of time” as two formative practices in her private and professional life, echoes of which resound within the quietly hallucinatory properties of her music. Over time, her signature has become a fragile synthesis of contemplative drift, heady silences, and muted dissonance, as she ventures further into the uniquely elusive and evocative mode of ambient classical minimalism. 
On this special occasion, Vantzou has invited a series of collaborators who have helped her to shape her last album:

Strings: Margaret Hermant and Neil Leiter of Echo Collective, Beatrijs De Klerck & Bassel Abou Fakher, 
Synthesizers: John Also Bennett & Steve Hauschildt
Voice: Angel Deradoorian

Steve Hauschildt 

Steve Hauschildt (US) might be known to some as a member of the US psych-noise band Emeralds. He has been recording and playing under his own name since 2011, and has released albums on Kranky, Les Editions Mego and most recently on Ghostly International with his latest album Dissolvi (2018). His music is generally inspired by 70ies Kosmische electronic music, where melody and repetitiveness are intertwined within the timbre of vintage synths. On his latest work, he also ventures into minimal(ist) techno, adding the voice of Julianna Barwick to his carefully crafted constructions. Hauschildt's performances are an elegant take on melancholic electronic psychedelia, as a perfect counterpoint to Christina Vantzou.

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