Come along to the Centre for Fine Arts for the free closing concert by the international music project Cantania! Hundreds of pupils and teachers from Brussels schools will be performing Quartier Liberté, a joyous celebration which brings together people from different backgrounds and cultures.  This has aroused the curiosity of Stella, a journalist. Hammid Ben Amor, the cameraman, gives her a glimpse of this colourful world. 

The playwright Marc Rosch is the man behind the text. Albert Carbonell composed the music which reflects this spirit of tolerance and community in rap and reggae. Friendship and freedom become blues and samba, beatboxing and Dixieland! This cantata is an ode to peace, full of joyous sounds and melodies. 

On Saturday, 4 May 2019 all the pupils and teachers from Brussels will gather together in BOZAR’s Henry le Boeuf Great Hall for a festive closing concert in the company of the Belgian National Orchestra. A fun and enriching musical adventure for pupils and teachers alike! 

Quartier Liberté" (Rambla llibertad)  is a production from L'Auditori Barcelona .  

Participating schools

Concert 13:00:
Institut de l’Assomption, Athénée Victor Horta, Institut de l'Assomption site Sainte-Thérèse, BS Papageno, Ecole La Famille, BS Klavertje Vier , BS De kleurdoos, JJ Michel, BS De Muziekladder, Ecole Plein Air

Concert 17:30:
Harenheideschool, GBS Dertien, Emile Jacqmain, BSGO Hendrik Conscience, BS Lutgardis, Ecole des étangs, Saint-Thomas d’Acquin, BS De Goudenregen

Composition: Albert Carbonell
Text: Marc Rosich
Arrangement: Peter Spaepen
Choreography,set design: Vital Schraenen
Musical Direction: David Ramael
Soloists: Astrid Stockman, Samuel Padolus
Piano: Katrijn Deneir
Musicians of the Belgian National Orchestra:
Lena Lamela 
clarinet - Rudy Haemers  Altsax - Robby Boone Trumpet - Michel Lambert Accordion -
Koen Maes  Percussion - Roberta Brambilla  Harp -
Gergana Terziyska  Double bass - Jessica Tortorice Violin