CubaLandz will celebrate its second birthday at BOZAR on the 18th May! The festival is dedicated to contemporary Cuban culture and is your chance to discover the infectious energy coursing through the veins of the island’s artists. Over the centuries, Cuba's unique history has given rise to a tradition mixing European, African, American and Asian cultures.  This melting pot has given rise to one of the most thriving contemporary cultures on the planet.  


Immerse yourself in CubaLandz as you admire the works of artist Janler Méndez Castillo or the intoxicating grace of dancer Yelda Leyva. Watch and listen to the ambassador of "Nueva Trova", guitarist Pucho Díaz, and be transported by BAO’s Afro-Cuban music. Groove to the sounds the island's hip-hop icon, DJ Jigüe, and percussionist El Menor, and dance to Cuba’s unique rhythms in the Afrofuturisme concert!



18:00-02:00  Janler Méndez Castillo 

19:30 Yelda Leyva

20:00-21:20 Pucho Díaz
21:30-22:15 Bao
22:30-23:00 Guiss Guiss Bou Bess
23:30-01:00 DJ Jigüe & El Menor
01:00-02:00 HAPE

18:00-02:00 Kronikas - La Havane