The performance of choreographer Karin Vyncke deals with a still life that is constantly in motion, in contrast to the still life in painting.

"The still life interests me because it is suggestive. The scenes are meticulously composed. They reflect richly set tables with neatly arranged flowers and fruit bowls, game scenes with dead animals and rifles and glasses with deep red wine. In the performance I replace the painted objects in words with which I suggest scenes. But the table is no longer enough, the words penetrate the whole room. The still life is beginning to cover everything, like a tidal wave. It eventually covers the entire surface and transforms itself into a landscape, a small battlefield, of which you cannot deny reality. And in the midst of these accomplished facts, whose words are the only trace, wanders Cerberus the dog ... "

Karin Vyncke will perform Nature Morte ou Naturellement Mort in the exhibition Spanish Still Life during the Day of Dance.