Apart from our concerts and films, there will be a series of events and ongoing activities over the weekend of 20th-21st of April, plunging you deep into the unbelievable cultural diversity and global experience that make this festival stand out. Vino Zirkus – a now cult space that hosts jam sessions between musicians, meetings and dances – brings together artists and members of the public in an informal setting. At the same time, the life and soul of the Balkans will be pulsing through the corridors and rooms around the Grande Salle Henry le Bœuf, with dance, music, singing, exhibitions and even food!
Meanwhile, the Salle Terarken offers workshops where you can learn how to make Bulgarian spring bracelets and try Romanian glass painting. It will also host poetry and slam events from the Urban Chapter, and even a one-man show on the region’s heritage.
The best quality performers, a huge variety of repertoires, an unbelievably warm and welcoming atmosphere, interaction between musicians and the audience; you just can’t go wrong. Welcome to Balkan Trafik!