The Sense of Smell workshop by the olfactory artist Klara Ravat focuses on our unique organ, the nose. The sense of smell is a crucial function of the human body. It warns us of potential dangers in our direct environment and has a crucial role in our experience of space and our relation to others. Smell affects human behaviour, perception of time, memories, emotions and influences decision-making. There are many opportunities to use smell as a powerful medium and tool in art, design and science.

After meeting at the workshop location, Klara will start with a theoretical introduction on how smell works and introduce you to the different types of distillation processes. We will then take a short walk around the neighbourhood, where Klara will guide you through specific urban aroma locations. Between locations, there will be the opportunity to discuss and comment on your findings. The idea is to collect scented objects that will later be distilled in the lab. Together, you will distil a scented memory of your city which you will take home with you.

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in exploring the city in a different way. No prior knowledge required, however, participants are asked to bring a strong-smelling object or substance that reminds them of the city.