In just two years, Koray Avcı has become the new revelation of Turkish music. Be seduced by the smooth voice, the intoxicating melodies and authentic character of this baritone, who is as talented as he is endearing.

In the space of two years Koray Avcı, king of the Turkish ballad, has made the transition from street musician to star. In fact, he hasn’t been out of the Turkish hit parade since the launch of his debut album AŞK İLE. His warm voice and entrancing melodies have resulted in sold out concerts all over Turkey and Europe. In the autumn he will be in BOZAR to present his brand-new album Senin İçin Değer, full of stirring ballads and up-tempo singalongs inspired by the work of Nâzım Hikmet, Neşet Ertaş, Nurettin Rençber, Ahmet Kaya and Onur Akın.

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