The Cairo Opera House was founded in 1869, and is the oldest opera house in Africa. Its orchestra is one of the most prestigious orchestra in the Arab world. Discover some of the most beautiful music of the oriental repertoire with this talented orchestra.

After their acclaimed tour which paid tribute to the legendary Oum Kalthoum, the musicians of the Cairo Opera Orchestra are returning to Europe. They will kick off the second edition of the series of Tarab concerts, organised by BOZAR and Moussem, with a homage to some of the most splendid male voices in twentieth-century Arab music. Three of the greatest Arab singers, Farid El Atrache, Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Abdel Halim Hafez, all made their debuts in Cairo before going on to forge international careers in the Middle East and beyond. They were the first to apply modern musical criteria to their compositions, incorporating modern orchestrations and rhythms in their music and suggesting new ways of performing songs. The Cairo Opera Orchestra will perform some of their most famous compositions, so you can (re-)discover these iconic singers.