EUtopia is an exploration of the ideal society as seen from the perspective of today’s youth.

With the laws and regulations of the EU as the starting point, the students have discussed with artist Nayra Martín Reyes a wide range of European matters including, culture, identity and open borders. Young people from different ends of the European spectrum have explored shared beliefs and unlocked creative energy altogether. For the Next Generation Please festival, a six meter lighthouse, monument of hope and hospitality and crowned by a light symbol of EUtopia, will be standing in the Horta Hall of the Centre for Fine Arts. The work done in Tenerife has been captured in a video documentary.

Why no borders?
Because we will take no orders
Human beings will remain free
As long as we all agree
Let’s break down the walls
Built by the wolves
Manipulated by politics
We will not fall for their tricks
It’s our turn to roll the dice
They will not fool us twice
Nations built by hypocrites
We will not agree to the politics of those
Frustrated by their little dicks
We refuse to submit
Ever had someone swallow pride?
From now on we will stay tied
Let’s all unite

Artist: Nayra Martín Reyes
Young participants: Vrije Beeldende Kunst GO! Atheneum Anderlecht, 'Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño Fernando Estévez' (Tenerife)
Collaboration: Instituto Cervantes Bruselas, TEA museum (Tenerife) and Cabildo de Tenerife
Expert: Maite Morren
Theme: The Ideal State 
Final output: Monument/lighthouse