Next Generation, Please! presents: System D on tour in BOZAR. Come and watch a selection of exciting SYSTEM D films, dealing with socio-political themes such as social inequality, migration, diversity, racism and identity through video clips, documentaries, shorts, reports and sketches. Discover the raw, unalloyed talent of Brussels in all its shapes and colours.

In collaboration with the Citylab Pianofabriek


Les Pierres Bleue - Raphaëlle Goffaux & Philippe Jadin

Je n'ai rien dit - Code Rouge

7 Eyes – Osama Abo Amro

BOATS – Darrell Cole / Remy M. Ndow

Anspach - Heleen Declerq

Cette prison qui est mon corps - Vision asbl

Gelijkheid en Diversiteit - Zaka Zaki

Façade - Najib Chairi - 2010- 4'45 17

Vooroordelen – Creafic (Giovanni De Vos)