La Monnaie Symphony OrchestraAlain Altinoglu conductor

Teach your children to be virtuous. That alone will make them happy!’ Beethoven underestimated himself: more than two centuries later, his music, too, is still bringing happiness to young and old. Following the success of the first family concert, featuring Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, Alain Altinoglu presents a second, which enables children from the age of six up to learn about the mysteries of the orchestra and classical music in the company of their friends and family. This time, he will guide the La Monnaie Orchestra and his audience through works of Beethoven, symphonicus par excellence, who’s symphonies were more magnificent, complex, and emotional than any of the composer’s contemporaries had ever heard.

After the concert, conductor Alain Altinoglu will sign his book Maestro, muziek! / Maestro, à vous de jouer.