IDENTiTESproject was first launched in 2007 by French plastic photography artist Bēni. It sails across the five continents in search of the Other Person and shows portraits of people from around the globe. Ever since, the project has evolved into an artistic and humanitarian quest. IDENTiTESproject places meeting with the Other Person in the heart of this movement, in all inclusiveness and solidarity. Interrogate, create and work on our own identities, with and in favour of the people of the world, is the core of this project.  

Is there such a thing as a cultural identity in literature? What does it consist of and how does it make itself visible? What is the place of literature in a multicultural society in a globalizing world? We invite you to a literary evening to discuss metaphores for identity in modern day Belgian Literature. An evening of reading and debate, with the participation of Belgian authors of various linguistic and cultural backgrounds: Malika Madi, Nadia Dala, Saskia de Coster, Jean Bofane, Ali Bader and Taha Adnan.

Host: Soraya Amrani (journalist)