The slogan in the Paris of '68 read as follows: If the parliament becomes like a bourgeois theatre, then the theatre must become more like a parliament.
When the world is ablaze, this necessarily has consequences for artists. But when does an artist become an activist and his art propaganda? And what is the mission of a cultural institution? What position should the sector take up in relation to politics and the economy?

A few years ago, the Italian curator Giorgio De Finis founded the Museo MAAM on the site of a former factory occupied by squatters in Rome. The presence of artists protected the undocumented against police raids. Today Di Finnis heads his own department at the Rome Museum of Modern Art.
With artist Renzo Martens, Dominique Willaert, artistic director of the "social-artistic worksite" Victoria Deluxe in Ghent, Dirk Snauwaert, artistic director of WIELS, Els Rochette, artistic director of the open art studio Globe Aroma.
Discussion moderated by Marleen Wynants (BOZAR/Crosstalks).