On 28 May 1968, artists entered the Centre for Fine Arts. They held the central hall "occupied" until 10 June. Their action followed that of students at the ULB. The artist Roger Somville created large banners that expressed the revolt. One of his slogans was: "The artists support the justified demands of the revolution".
Marcel Broodthaers was a key figure during the occupation, while also playing a very individual role. In a poem written on 28 May he wrote: "We were going to have a drink. Then we were going home (Centre for Fine Arts)."


19:30 Film Leuven '68 - Johan Van Schaeren
20:45 Debate 
The artists support the justified demands of the students

Protagonists and eye witnesses speak about May '68, in Brussels and Leuven, bringing to the debate memories of this "mythical" month.  Mateo Alaluf led the ULB students, Isi Fiszman was the "travelling companion" of Broodthaers and Jan Lamers relates the events that were unfolding –simultaneously – in Leuven. Kurt de Boodt (BOZAR) reconstructs the occupation of the Centre for Fine Arts and places it in real perspective.
Debate moderated by Melat G. Nigussie (BOZAR).

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