As part of the BOZAR days celebrating the anniversary of the occupation of the Centre for Fine Arts in 1968, BOZAR is featuring a performance of Poetic Occupation. Pupils from the Institut Sainte Marie in Saint-Gilles together with writer-poet-performer Antoine Boute will be presenting a performance inspired by the work of the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwich. This performance, originating in the writing workshops offered in schools by BOZAR ‘à l'école de la poésie’ educational project, will represent an institutional recognition through the words and production of these students.

Antoine Boute
Writer, sound poet, philosopher, performer and event organiser, through his works and performances Antoine Boute explores the relationships between the body, voice, narrative, fiction and reality. His work is a constantly reformulated, absurd, disturbing yet amusing game in which all are invited to participate. He is one of Belgium’s most emblematic representatives of experimental poetry.

Did you know?

  • Cultural workers of the world, unite!

    May ‘68 made it as far as the Centre for Fine Arts. On the evening of 28 May 1968, artists and writers gathered in a Brussels café. They all wanted to mark the event with an immediate collective action... And what an action it was!

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