Under the pretext of social security control, sportsclubs in BXl and elsewhere in Belgium have been harassed by federal police raids even more than socio-cultural organizations. Yet, these clubs are the exact constructive and all-cultural playgrounds that policymakers are talking about and other institutions can only dream about. 
That's why with the frame of Bozar Occupied - 50 Years of Cultural Protest - a boxing ring will be installed in the prestigious Horta Hall of Bozar to give a platform to BBA - Brussels Boxing Academy - and other boxing organisations and lower the treshold of one of Belgium's most illustrous art institutes and welcome boxing youngsters of all ages, genders, classes and ethnic backgrounds.
Joseph Beuys took up boxing gloves in 1972 for his sculpture 'Boxkampf für die direkte Demokratie' (Boxing Match for Direct Democracy). Also curator Jan Hoet was known for his artistic uppercuts but he also was a fervent boxing amateur, a sport he picked up at secondary school. Thus a boxing ring in the Horta Hall is not such a weird idea, in fact it feels like it's coming home. 

17:00: amateur weigh-in
18:00 – 20:00: amateur bouts (11)
19:30: professional boxers’ weigh-in 
20:00 – 20:30: intermission 
20:30- start of the professional boxing bouts (6)
21:30: Ramadan meal Iftar
22:00 – 23:00: bouts continue

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