15:00 -17:00: Assemblée populaire
After 11 years, the 65 people of the self-organised living community at the Koningsstraat 123 Rue Royale, 1000 Brussels have to leave their home on the 31 of October 2018. In the context of a fresh though actually contested anti-squat law, the popularisation of temporary occupation but only if it's artistic and the big neighbourhood redevelopment demolition and construction sites that will pop up in Brussels the coming years, vzw Woningen 123 Logements asbl has launched the campaign SOLD OUT to find a new building and put housing on the agenda. This afternoon they invite some of the most important real estate actors of the city for an audition and to negotiate an agreement with their finest experts.

17:00-18:00: Surprise act

22:30-23:00: March to Rue Royale
Victoriously the crowd walks home to announce the good news of the new found home ! 
23:00 à l’aube: Support party
Nothing less, nothing more : a party to support the people who have worked their asses off to repair, maintain and fresh up the Bokal Royal - since 11 years the place to be for all who knows !

Did you know?

  • Cultural workers of the world, unite!

    May ‘68 made it as far as the Centre for Fine Arts. On the evening of 28 May 1968, artists and writers gathered in a Brussels café. They all wanted to mark the event with an immediate collective action... And what an action it was!

    — published on
  • Cooking with the heart

    Twice a week Collectactif organises tables d’hôtes that are open to everyone. The price of the meal is up to you: people pay what they want or what they feel able to.

    — published on