Jan Ducheyne is a dyed-in-the-wool poet with over twenty years of experience on the Belgian and international stages. When someone recently asked him, for the umpteenth time, if what he does with these musicians isn’t just 'a little like slam'… he decided that from now on he would reply that Jan Ducheyne & Noodzakelijk Kwaad are ‘avant-garde’.
And that is exactly what this ensemble is. A unique combination of three dedicated musicians (Teuk Henri (guitar), Frank P. (drums) and Jef Mercelis (electronic instrumentation: Korg-Farfisa) and Ducheyne, whose poetry adds another layer to their music, combining to bring out the music in poetry and vice versa.

Jan Ducheyne & Noodzakelijk Kwaad are sure to give a cutting-edge performance, with plenty of panache and the kind of music that will get under your skin, during which the musicians, refusing to be pinned down to one genre, let alone one key, continuously challenge themselves. Their virtuosity is offset by Jan Ducheyne’s biting, bouncing poems that seems to roll off the page rhythmically, recited by the poet himself in his own inimitable style. Not even he can predict where the performance will go once it has started.

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