BOZAR is the venue for the Detours festival creation evening at which dance company Drive’s choreographic creation, Soi, will take centre stage.

Line Up :

18 - 20 : Detours Cypher in Bozar Open Air
20 - 21:30 : From Molenbeek with Love in Terarken
21:30 - 22:30 : Soi Cie Drive in Salle M 
22:30 : DJ Set + Surprises

In a surreal setting, this duo expresses the encounter between two artists with power and sincerity. In a pressurised context, we are all torn between intimacy and the human condition. Just like the body and the spirit, the ‘I’ and the ‘we’ are inescapably linked. It is only through the desire to push and accept your limits with your peers that the ‘soi, or oneself, is revealed to the other. The stage is then transformed into a place of possibilities. Soi is a space where you can be alone and together, a place where man can find himself, in amongst subtle, brutal, undulating and microscopic gestures, but also a place where the other person’s body becomes the stage area – with paths that are riddled with pitfalls. With crossed arms, legs, hands and gazes, no longer knowing to whom they belong as they form a whole. Tinged with freedom and generosity, Soi is a call to love and fraternity, by offering the public a poetic intoxication with disturbing realism.