Come to the Deluxe Summer Edition of Sprekende Ezels on 30 August at BOZAR. From their monthly performances in Antwerp   (café Boekowski), Leuven (café Libertad), Ghent (Hotsy Totsy), Bruges (Villa Botta) and Turnhout (Tuinzaal De Warande), Stijn Vranken and Jan Ducheyne have selected the very best pieces that they have incorporated into a veritable stage show for the ear and other senses. Anything could happen! For poetry, music, hamster throwing and nonsense of the highest order! They are looking forward to meeting you, with or without a nice tan - not yet ready for September but most certainly for De Sprekende Ezels Deluxe. In the white tent next to the entrance to the Centre for Fine Arts. 

With Milady Renoir, Maarten Goethals, Dooshoofd, Jan Ducheyne & Noodzakelijk Kwaad, Partij Voor De Poëzie (iedereen samen), Xavier Funky Bompa and Alex Deforce.