16:00 > 17:45 
Beyond boundaries : New art films by musicians  (discussion in French). 
Session moderated by curator Pascale Obolo.

• Gioia Kayaga & Soraya Milla – Vitiligo (ciné-poème)
This hybrid film which is co-directed by Soraya Milla (director) and Gioia Kayaga (slam artist), is a boundless performance mixing performance, film, music, poetry, installation, theatre and dance. Spectators are invited to immerse themselves into the condition of the woman of mixed origin. Vitiligo opens several avenues of reflection about origins in a globalized world. Both female protagonists try to keep their balance while walking on the narrow path of a neo-identity.

 Baloji – Peau de Chagrin / Bleu de Nuit
The accompanying video of Baloji’s new song “Peau de Chagrin/Bleu de Nuit” is saturated with thick buttery colour, from the vibrant vegetal installations of DRC Pygmy communities to bodies entwined in the glowing dusk. Paired with photos by acclaimed South African artist Kristin-Lee Moolman, Baloji’s directorial zeal is just as compelling as his limber flow. His French verses pepper the beat, shading emotion with a captivating hue. Every syllable stretches from sound to colour to texture, all within moments. (Dazed, 22.03.18, Lior Phillips). Baloji will discuss his expansion into film and this particular project shot in the DRC with the participation of local craftsmen.