18:00 > 19:30 In conversation with South African Artists (discussion in English)
 Kendell Geers  - the publication AniMystikAKtivist. In conversation with curator Osei Bonsu
Between the Traditional and the Contemporary in African Art, Kendell Geers takes a syncretic approach to art that weaves together diverse Afro-European traditions, including animism, alchemy, mysticism, ritual and a socio-political activism, and is laced with black humor, irony and cultural contradiction. AniMystikAKtivist focuses on works created between 1988 and the present, considering the powerful legacy and influence of traditional African art on avant-garde movements, from Dada and Surrealism to punk and the Situationist International.

• Performative talk:  Moya Michael & Tracey Rose - The Khoi Khullid Coloured Swan Presentation: The Rehearsal
In Coloured Swans , dancer, performer and choreographer Moya Michael questions how layers of imposed identities change how an artist moves, speaks, sings and what specific spaces their bodies visualise or occupy. Classified as a “Coloured” person in apartheid South Africa, Moya invites artists from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to join her in this quest.