Climate change causes an important rise in the sea level, which is a major threat for coastal areas and small islands all over the globe.  Even in urban areas at higher levels and inland, the growing quantities of rainwater in combination with spreading urbanization can also cause a major flood risk for entire city areas, something that is happening more often than before.

The 2nd Edition of the Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial dives into the growing problem of floods in urban areas. How to deal with the evacuation of rainwater in an integrated manner? Can landscape architecture generate answers for these complex challenges? What are the limits of the current way of addressing this question? Through workshops, research by design, an exhibition, a colloquium, curated walks and lectures, the two-month BULB festival tries to sensitize the broader public to the importance of water in the urban landscape. Instead of considering water as a threat, it will be approached as a vital and structuring element in the urban landscape.

At the main BULB exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts, the Bureau Bas Smets, Marco Ranzato (ULB), Latitude, JNC International and Taktyk will be presenting their vision.  

Workshop leader: Architecture Workroom Brussels.