With an introduction by Michael De Cock (Artistic Director KVS)

Three-year-old Lean arrives cold and confused on the coast of Greece. On a beach littered with debris, life jackets, amid the chaos and the cries, Lean searches for a familiar face. For 86 days the audience sees the world through her eyes, sharing her fears and uncertainties but also her sense of wonder and moments of pleasure. 
Through the surprising eyes of little Lean the film provides the perfect framework to sketch a unique portrait of her months-long trek. The life amid a mass of other refugees, the boat trips, the authorities, the bus rides and always the waiting, for food, for a place to sleep, for transport, for clarity. The anxiety and weariness of the adults is in sharp contrast to the charismatic face of Lean. It seems as if all the sorrow and the pain washes over the little girl, leaving her untouched. But is that really so? The stylistic choices of filmmaker Egil Håskjold have a decisive effect on this impressive travel report. Without voice-over or interviews, the viewer experiences how much physical and mental energy such a flight demands of the adults. A film unlike any other, which has already won prizes at prestigious festivals including Hot Docs, Nordic, Sheffield and the Copenhagen festival CPX:DOX.