Mokhallad Rasem concept, director – Sofie De Smet concept – with :Alaa HowijaAsaad MerzaAyham SaloumGhaith AlhusseinMarwa FarajQutayba AlahmadRazan IsmaelSherwan WalloTurkieh Allour

Nine young Syrians speak. They meet each other in physical form and in thought, and discuss dreams and problems. They are looking for a new world. Where one considers equality and respect to be essential, another stresses responsibility and independence. In search of recognition and difference, they test out each others' desires: are they longing for the old dreams, creating new ones or aligning the old with the new? 

Freedom, fear, happiness, escape, memory, embrace, death, love, parting and history. These are some of the words that Mokhallad Rasem transforms into temporary images that follow one after the other. Tijdelijk seeks the value of absurdity and fragments of the whole. It imagines a space in which continuous negotiations take place between speaking out and remaining silent, remembering and forgetting.