Catherine Graindorge actress, composition, composition sonore – Bernard Van Eeghem assistant of the director – Jorge León dramaturgy – Joël Grignard composition sonore – Gaëtan Van den Berg lighting design – Elie Rabinovitch video director – Marie Szersnovicz costumes

Michel Graindorge was a public personality and a big-shot lawyer. When he passed away, on 19 April 2015, he left behind a young woman, his daughter Catherine, an actor and violinist. In Avant la fin, she speaks about the special connection between fathers and daughters and looks back, with words, images and music over the last fifteen months of his life. Beyond these reminiscences, Catherine Graindorge explores memory and loss.

She collaborated with Jorge León (director, playwright and photographer) and Bernard Van Eeghem (an unusual artist with whom she has already collaborated) to created a moving piece that is both funny and tender.