Dimitri Verhulst text – Georges Lini adaptation, director – Eric de Staercke actor – Lola Delcorps direction assistance – Jean GoovaertsSébastien Fernandez sound, video – Tibo De Coster set design – Charly Kleinermann set design – Gleb Panteleeff lighting design

What if Christ came back to Earth and chose Brussels for his second coming? What initially seems like great news for the Church of Belgium and believers might be more complicated than you would think. Who would welcome Jesus, and in what language? A thorny issue, if you’ll excuse the pun, for a country dogged by linguistic problems! Beyond the anecdotal, L'entrée du Christ à Bruxelles is a work that is full of humanity. It manages to avoid farce, treating audiences to an amusing reflection on the human condition, portrayed by the talented Éric De Staercke. Alone on stage, his performance radiates divine inspiration!