Barbara Sylvain Text, , concept, images – Craig Weston outside-eye – Marie Henry dramaturgy – Lula Béry artistic advisor – Valère Le Dourner set design, images – Gaspard Le Dourner images – Jérôme Dejean lighting design – Charlyne Misplon costumes

Pater takes a closer look at the intimate relationship between a daughter and her father. Barbara Sylvain plays several improvised roles on stage in the company of an amateur of between 65 and 75 years of age, who takes on her father’s characteristics. Or rather those of her fathers, in the plural, because her male partner changes every day. Achieving a real tour de force, she thus embodies a series of characters that take shape before our eyes and which explore, in turn, this complex link by way of plots which are constantly being renewed. The play thus focuses on a collection of behaviours and issues, highlighting the grey area, by turns funny and shameful, that is our relationship with the father figure.
This spirited work constantly reinvents itself and won’t fail to move you.