Aline Mahaux concept, – Sarah Brahy concept, – Wim Lots sound, drawing – Pierre Gallen lighting design, director – Colin Struyf artistic advisor – Pierre Verplancken artistic advisor – Valérie Battaglia dramaturgy – Irma Morin set design, costumes – Les 2 Frida creation

La montagne is a reflection on the way the economy influences our lives. Performed by Aline Mahaux and Sarah Brahy, they reconstruct slices of the lives of people they interviewed on the theme of the economy in the community garden of Deux Acren in the course of a year. What does it bring us? What does it take away from us? How does it change us? They try to find answers to all these questions, by rightly remembering that far from all the abstractions that we are so familiar with today, the economy has for a long time represented the art of running a household. As a counterpoint, Wim Lots draws the mountainous landscape which represents this complex issue live on stage.