Dominique Ziegler text – Jean-Michel Van den Eeyden director – Jean-Pierre Baudson actor – Gregory Carnoli actor – Line Guellati collaboration – Vincent Cahay sound design

Now here’s a serious subject if ever there was one, the issue of the radicalisation of young people is at the heart of La route du Levant. It focuses on a confrontation between a police officer and a young person suspected of wanting to join a terrorist group in a war-torn area. First and foremost the play contrasts two visions of reality: that of the policeman, who highlights the benefits of freedom and western society, and that of a disillusioned youth, shaking off his misconceptions as he struggles to find he place in society. The cross-examination takes place in a tense atmosphere and puts everyone’s role and convictions into perspective. It is a show that is full of suspense and broaches one of the most prominent social issues in recent years.