The best soccer movies are about more than just soccer. The best soccer movies use soccer as the way in to a bigger story, whether it’s romance, emancipation, migration or simply fighting the odds. CINEMATEK offers  more than eight soccer movies from the Scottish Gregory’s girl (01.07),  Lexi alexander’s Hooligans (10.07) about Westham United fans, Kiarostami’s Mosafer (15.07) and Panahi’s Offside (17.07) from Iran to Abel Ferrara’s documentary about Pasolini (20.07) revealing the famous filmmaker as an emotional soccer fan.


On the Road, Into the Wild, Lost in Translation, Dead Calm, this summer CINEMATEK takes you on a wicked and wonderful journey Around the World in Eighty Days, with a special focus on Jules Verne and The Wizard of Oz (05.07, 21.07, 05.08 or 26.08). From Twenty thousand Leagues under the Sea to the Yellow Submarine. Taste the colours and flavours from all around this Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.