Educode is the first of what is to be an annual international conference on education, research and practices in the digital-related fields. At a time where the digital world is ubiquitous, it is important for children, learners and teachers to be at ease with digital technologies and for them to be able to use the resources of their computers and mobile phones to search for information, add to their skills and be creative and inventive as a result. It is also important to be able to reflect on the inherent implications, challenges and opportunities of this technology, along with the limits and dangers as they integrate these tools into their everyday lives so as to better participate in society. All of which requires specific education, training and an opening up to the digital such as this conference seeks to provide.  

On Monday 27 August at BOZAR, all those involved in education, so parents, pupils, students, trainers, teachers, head teachers and elected representatives, will be able to attend conferences, a round table and interactive performance, as well as a concert and exhibition. During the breaks, training facilities will enable participants to learn about the digital world with its challenges and opportunities.  

On Tuesday 28 August at HE2B-ESI, HE2B-ISIB and BeCentral, teachers will be invited to take part in 60 practical workshops during which they will learn to develop content linked to their experiences that can then be reused in class with their pupils.  

On Wednesday 29 August, education researchers specialised in the uses of the digital world will share their experiences at the Royal Academy.  


Full programme and registration: www.educode.be