This season, BOZAR has once again lined up for you some moving international productions, dealing with familiar contemporary issues and themes that are close to people's hearts, in particular as the artists taking to the stage are young and will be bringing a welcome breath of fresh air.

They will speak about the poetry of Palestinian author Taha Muhammad Ali, brought back to life thanks to the magic of the theatre and the talents of Amer Hlehel; or the painful social reality of megacities in the Far East for those that have been left behind, through the work of Lucas De Man and Hyunsin Kim; or the questionings of a disenchanted youth in today's Russia, reconstituted by Tatiana Frolova, director of the KnAM theatre.
You will also witness the wanderings of Yalda, a young filmmaker who, after the Iran-Iraq war, is plunged back into the emotions of her childhood in the house in Teheran where she grew up. Gianina Cărbunariu will also broach the delicate issue of the artist's investment in her work, while, thanks to Árpád Schilling and the Hungarian theatre of Timișoara, you can discover the fate of Balkan exiles who left for Great Britain in search of a better life, with Kristóf Kelemen and Bence György Pálinkás celebrating their fraternity in a Hungary still prey to its old xenophobic demons.

So let's make way for the theatre! After all, a performance can be far more powerful than a long speech. All that's missing for the show to begin, is you…