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Life & Death’s founder and director Manfredi Romano has one of the most astute pairs of ears around. In the DJ booth, he delivers hot, exuberant, brazen slices of nocturnal frenzy that are routinely met with the adulation of his dancefloors. In 2017, he joined forces with Marvin & Guy to create the Life of Marvin imprint, which went on to release a track by recently deceased producer Roberto Zolezzi – alias Roby J, a true legend of Italian techno.



Jennifer Cardini (Correspondant / Berlin, Germany)

Jennifer Cardini long since outgrew Pulp – the Parisian club where she first made her name – and set off on a mission to take her vision of house music to audiences around Europe and beyond. Yet her dancefloor philosophy is reflected not only by her sets but also by her engagement in support of the LGBT community. Jennifer Cardini continues travelling all around the world transmitting her love for music to us through the dancefloor!