Nocturno is a visually and musically stunning show from Portugal that drew the audience at the BIG BANG Festival in Lisbon into the night and left them spellbound. A pianist and two performers are your guides through the world of dreams, lullabies and moonlight – but also the world of nightmares, monsters under the bed and rain that keeps you awake at night. The night is the domain of your imagination. Shadows, darkness, silence, street sounds and movements in the dark: they fascinate and open the door to amazing fantasies and unexpected fears. 

Musically, the performance flows out of the nocturne: a melancholy piano piece of the Romantic period. A grand piano is the beating heart of the performance and is used to perform beautiful new compositions. An unforgettable trip.

JOANA GAMA piano VICTOR HUGO PONTES & MICHAEL DE HAAN performers VICTOR HUGO PONTES artistic direction & decor JOÃO GODINHO composition WILMA MOUTINHO technical direction & lighting SUSE RIBEIRO & JOÃO GODINHO sound design EMANUEL SANTOS props JOANA VENTURA production

Nome Próprio in co-production with São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Municipal do Porto Campo Alegre.Rivoli and CCB/Fábrica das Artes. With the support of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. Nome Próprio is a resident of the Teatro Municipal Campo Alegre, under the Teatro em Campo Aberto programme.