Gianina Carbunariu concept – Ruxandra Maniu actor – Ilinca Manolache actress – Alexandru Potocean actor – Gabriel Răuță actor – Bogdan Zamfir actor – Dorothee Curio set design – Mihai Păcurar video – Bobo Burlăcianu music

By using the convention of artist talks, we tried to bring together different points of view: situations where ethics, although allegedly part of the discourse, are left behind either because of ill will or out of ignorance, negligence or vanity, or where ethics are simply left out of the equation altogether by the followers of art, for art’s sake.
The six scenes in the performance are inspired either by discussions with audiences I have performed in front of in the last couple of years at home or abroad, or by interviews, and although the similarities with real people are not accidental, the performance doesn’t aim to associate a certain artist with a certain discourse. As part of the system, we were interested in understanding the way that artists’ (ir)responsibilities show through their discourse about their own approach, and the world they live in.
(Gianina Cărbunariu)

Born in 1977, Gianina Cărbunariu studied in post-communist Romania. Gianina Cărbunariu's theatre is raw, makes no concessions and fluctuates between the energy of revolt and disillusion. Performed in theatres worldwide, her plays take an alternative look at contemporary Romania while at the same time causing us to question, more universally, Western representations of progress and success. They perhaps also contain the germ of a European political theatre, coming from the East, which grapples with questions of Europe's integration model, identitarian closure and collective action.