In 1994, South African photographer George Hallett (b. 1942, Cape Town) documented one of the most important moments of South Africa’s history. Hallett, who had lived in exile since 1970, returned to his home country to photograph Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) during his campaign for South Africa’s first democratic presidential elections. BOZAR presents five photographs from a larger body of work entitled Images of Change (1994-1995), focusing on the changes as they occurred in the post-apartheid era, also known as the new South Africa.

Courtesy of George Hallet. Presented in the context of the 2018 worldwide Nelson Mandela centennial celebrations, and BOZAR’s Summer of Photography exhibition RESIST! curated by Christine Eyene, who manages the George Hallett collection of prints  as part of the Making Histories Visible project at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston (England).