4th Stream is all about quirky jazz. At this brand-new festival you will hear local and international artists who test and gleefully overstep the boundaries of traditional jazz. They mix in different styles, including nu jazz, electro, funk, hip hop, nouvelle vague, free jazz, spoken word, ambient and even psychedelic or minimalist music… You name it, they’ve tried it!

Why 4th Stream? If classical music is the first stream and jazz the second, then, according to the composer Gunther Schuller, any music form that mixes, distorts and expands both genres is the Third Stream. At BOZAR, we’ve decided to go one step further. You’ll find traces of almost every known music genre in the music that will be performed at 4th Stream.
Line up 
20:00 - MDCIII (Ter Arken)
21:00 - James Brandon Lewis Trio feat Anthony Pirog (Studio)
21:00 - Jameszoo Quintet (M)
22:30 - Dinosaur (Ter Arken)

20:00 - Thiefs (Ter Arken) 
21:00 – Shntzl (Studio) 
21:00 – The Headhunters (M)
22:30 – Soweto Kinch (Ter Arken)