Taking as a cue bell hooks’ black feminist concept of ‘looking back as an act of resistance’, this informal panel discussion will address how writers, artists, migrants and activists of colour past and present have used and can use the notion of travel to challenge stereotypes and empower the communities they represent. Communities often looked at rather than doing the looking themselves.
The panel will draw from personal experience to discuss the virtues of a black tourist economy, the realities of migration as a means of survival, the differing challenges posed to those travelling at various intersections of race, class, sexual orientation and gender, and how historical narratives of political international connection might inspire all communities to use travel in an enlightened way in a climate of growing racial intolerance.   

With: Sulaiman AddoniaLola AkinmadeBani AmorJessica De AbreuKevi DonatBernardine EvaristoSibo Kanobana