In this series of documentaries from 1992 on a cappella singing, the portrait of Marie DAULNE a.k.a. "ZAP MAMA", accompanied by her sister Anita, is the first one. Marie DAULNE's mother is African while her father - whom she never knew - is European. 

Her mixed origins combined with her natural talent: in singing, still taught by her Congolese mother, and in the pure oral tradition. Her passion for vocal techniques has allowed her to discover other idioms such as Ba-banzélé pygmie music and Mangbetu music of Zaire, now called the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C.). 

But she is also influenced by jazz, gospel and Cuban music. She brings these styles and different voices together in a delightful combination of sounds and rhythms. 

She surrounds herself with female singers from different backgrounds, voices who aren’t afraid of breaking the norms of western music, and says: “if people aren’t ready to see the world, they will hear it through our voices!”

These beautiful girls are "ZAP MAMA", Marie’s pseudonym lent to the female quintet. They’re funny, touching, full of enthusiasm and intelligence. You can fall in love with them a little, a lot, or totally. 

Director: Violaine de Villers
Violaine de Villers writes and produces political documentaries and art films. Her work makes us travel freely from one universe to another. She also focuses on the questions provoked by exile, by being uprooted, and the resulting sense of double culture.