The European Philharmonic Orchestra (EUROPEAN PHILHARMONIA) under the direction of Walter Proost and the great Butterfly Choir Evergem present the alliance of 2 symphonic suites by 125 artists.

'A Liverpool Symphony - A Beatles Song Collection' with Choirs
'Queen Symphonic Sketches for Symphony Orchestra and Choir'. 
The attraction of the so-called 'classical' audience for these two pop music legends is not a coincidence.
The Beatles were very inventive in terms of melodies and engaged in rich color arrangements.
Sgt Pepper's is certainly the highlight. The link between multi-vocal virtuosity and Queen's symphonic rock and the world of opera and chorus is also easy to weave.
This production has been implemented many times already, successfully, for example by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra).
All the great tunes of these legendary bands are incorporated in a symphonic suite and performed by the 125 artists on stage (musicians and singers).
To see and come to listen absolutely.
The Beatles At Liverpool Symphony - A Beatles Song Collection & Choirs 
Queen Symphonic Sketches for Symphony Orchestra & Choir