In the presence of Chloé Malcotti (director).

À bientôt j’espère – Chris Marker & Mario Marret (FR, 1968, 43’).
In March 1967 in Besançon, a strike breaks out at the Rhodiacéta establishments, which are part of a chain of textile factories belonging to the chemical conglomerate Rhône-Poulenc . This strike takes on an unusual aspect by its refusal to dissociate the cultural plan from the social plan. The claims put forward do not only concern wages or job security, but the way of life that society imposes on the working class.

H–H – Chloé Malcotti (BE, 2017, 52')
The Rhodiacéta in Besancon is a former Rhône-Poulenc-owned textile factory. It became an emblematic site following the 1967 workers’ movement and films made by the Medvedkine groups. In 2015, the city of Besancon decided to redevelop the site, which had fallen into ruin. When it came to the demolition of existing buildings, questions were raised about the possibility of retaining parts of them, but what to save, and how? During the redevelopment memories associated with the site were transformed and reincarnated; for example, you will be able to see the typography of a logo reflected in the lines of the new building. H–H by Chloé Malcotti (BE, 2017, 52') focuses on the actions involved in their process, their meanings, their policies and the new relationships with the world which result.