Cultural Romania Association
Organised with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Brussels and in collaboration with the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union  
A wonderful tribute to Queen Mary of Romania, exceptional pictures and testimonies marking 100 years since the end of WWI and the making of Greater Romania
"THE SOLDIER QUEEN" Photography/Document Exhibition, a cultural project co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund, evokes Queen Mary’s personality as well as her active involvement in First World War campaigns, through a collection of photographs of her setting up hospitals, caring for the wounded on the battle field as well as organising charitable activities to raise the moral of the Romanian troops and alleviate the suffering of the wounded.
Queen Mary is the only queen who, during those years, knew no fear of bullets, bombs or epidemics…
For the courage shown during the war, General Prezan awarded her the war medal – Military Virtue 1st class, and the Count of Saint Aulaire (French Ministre to Romania at the time) awarded her the Gold Medal of Epidemics and the War Cross medal. (La Croix de Guerre).
Queen Mary has been known ever since as the Soldier Queen !
The exhibition has already been presented at the National Theatre in Bucharest, the Palace of Culture in Iași, the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin, etc., receiving excellent reviews. The Administration of the National Cultural Fund has offered the curator, the Cultural Romania Association, the Award for Celebrating the 2017 Centenary.


Assamblage – The National Association of Contemporary Jewellery Authors and Designers
A project funded by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Identity
An international exhibition of contemporary jewellery and mixed-media dedicated to Romania’s Centenary and the commemoration of WWI
Launched in 2017 – 2018, "CAMERA LUCIDA"  is a new project by Assamblage – The National Association of Contemporary Jewellery Authors and Designers, dedicated to the commemoration of 100 years since the end of the First World War as well as the Centenary of the Great Unification of Romania. "CAMERA LUCIDA"   builds on two large-scale projects carried out by Assamblage in 2015 and 2016, respectively "A journey through the history and the future of jewellery" and "FOUND.LOST.FOUND".
The project is also closely related to the temporary exhibition "Romania during the Great War" which commemorates the Kingdom of Romania entering the war as well as the situation in Transilvania, Bucovina and Basarabia.
"CAMERA LUCIDA" is comprised of two contemporary interactive jewellery installations and includes a curatorial selection of the exhibition "Room 40 - Deciphering the Contemporary Design", presented for the first time at the Romanian Design Week in 2017. The project brings together over 30 Romanian and international designers from the U.S., Costa Rica, South Korea, France, Spain, Mexico, Finland, Italy, etc., selected following an international competition.