Day 4: Dinastías Flamencas

The fourth day of the Bruselas Flamenco Festival is a homage to the great flamenco dynasties. The star of the evening is Joaquín Grilo. Enrique Morente’s flamboyant son Kiki Morente will perform a selection from his most recent album Albayzín, guaranteeing a fantastic evening of granaína, bulerías, tangos, fandangos, soleá, sevillanas, polo and tarantos. The star dancer Joaquín Grilo will pay tribute to flamenco in its purest form, with his passionate and elegant movements. His simple and beautiful creations tap into our deepest feelings, during an extraordinarily intense visual and musical performance. Finally, Luis ‘Pepe’ Moneo, a scion of the legendary Moneo family from Jerez de la Frontera with three generations of professional flamenco singers, guitarist, dancers and palmeros, will also stop at BOZAR. What a unique programme!