Fatima Mernissi died on 30 November 2015. As a leading Moroccan sociologist and writer, Fatima Mernissi played a major role in the development of feminism in the Muslim world. Her work explores the relationship between power, gender and Islam and builds bridges between the West and the Arab world. The Fatima Mernissi bookmobile seeks to introduce young people in Brussels to literature as an artistic and socially relevant discipline. Through this opportunity to enter into dialogue with writers and (slam) poets, and Flemish-Moroccan writers in particular, they too can find inspiration.

During the commemorative evening on 29 November Aya Sabi (author of Verkruimeld land, 2017), Anissa Boujdaini (spoken word artist and cultural critic) and Yousra Benfquih (slam poet and columnist) will each in their own, creative way pay homage to Fatima Mernissi. The host for the evening is the journalist Yasmina El Messaoudi.

20:00: Welcome by Iman Lechkar, holder of the Fatima Mernissi Chair
20:15: Yousra Benfquih
20:30: Musical interlude by Fatoum
20:45: Aya Sabi
21:00: Musical interlude by Fatoum
21:15: Anissa Boujdaini
21:30: Drinks