This Cinematic concert is an homage to the Latvian and Estonian animation studios.Both countries celebrate their 100 years as a nation in 2018. In this event you will see seven wonderful movies, made with different animation techniques and accompanied by the musical arrangements of Remi Decker and Raphaël De Cock. These world-class multi instrumentalists from the “Musique à voir” ensemble, will invent a perfect marriage between music and foley. They will undoubtedly amaze you with their creativity and originality. The children of the Sint- Jozef – school with the support of Jeugd en Muziek Brussel present a live soundtrack. With the kind support of the embassy of Latvia and Estonia.



Kih-keh-rih-koo, Arnold Burovs. LV, 1966, 10’
Porgand, Pärtel Tall, EE, 2013, 7’
Munk et Lemmy – Let’s Fly, Nils Skapans, LV, 1994, 6'
When Appel Rolls, Reinis Kalnaellis, LV, 2012, 7’
Choir Tour, Edmunds Jansons, LV, 2012, 5’
Lemonade Tale, Vallo Toomla, EE, 2013, 9’20”
Miriam’s Hen Dream, Andres Tenusaa, EE, 2016, 5’