Belgian visual artist Honoré δ'O is creating a digital-musical installation especially for the ASEM Cultural Festival. With the mask as leitmotif he focuses on real and imaginary boundaries between Europe and Asia. The continuous stream of images and sounds in the installation is in reference to the fragile status of art which attempts to lay the foundations of a more human and tolerant society in the overwhelming world in which we live.

Honoré δ'O, born in Oudenaarde in 1961, lives and works in Ghent. He makes complex in-situ installations, in which the spectator is invited to map out his own journey. Aside from Belgium (MuHKA, Mac’s, Middelheim, MADmusée to name but a few) he has also exhibited in, amongst others, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm and Luzern. He participated in the Sydney (2012), Busan (2007), Venice (2005) and Taipei (2004) biennales.