Chris Marker continuously examined devices for recording and broadcasting images, from video installations to Second Life. Whether working with 16mm or mapping an “Immemory”, he never stopped searching, experi¬menting, asking himself questions about these tools, even engaging in a dialogue with them in hopes of “controlling a little more of this memory”, which never stopped moving, which is always on the move and by definition unstable. On several occasions, he encouraged his audience to take control of these tools. This project originated from the question “What did Marker make us do, what does he make us do?”.

In the margin of the exhibition of Chris Marker’s work, the Iceberg is a workshop, a workspace, a temporary meeting space, with plenty of analogue and digital tools, texts, images, sounds and knowledge. This meeting place, which is open to the public, will become an exhibition space, before it will disappear. During this time, it will have been used by various groups from art colleges, secondary schools and other bodies, as they engage in a conversation with a body of work, that of Chris Marker, and of memories, technical resources, and places, here, in the present, in Brussels, in Belgium.

With, among others, the participation of Agnès de Cayeux, Lucile Desamory, Gustave Fundi Mwamba, Glodie Mubikay Kabemba, Étienne Sandrin, Marie Voignier...