Braquer Poitiers, a reflection on alienation at work, is the latest film by Belgian filmmaker and director Claude Schmitz. It is a light-hearted and subtle farce, full of comic lyricism. This first screening in Brussels will be preceded by Rien sauf l'été, which was filmed shortly before Braquer Poitiers with the same team. INSAS graduate Claude Schmitz presented his theatrical creations at the National Theatre, BOZAR and the Halles de Schaerbeek as part of KunstenFestivaldesArts. 

Braquer Poitiers (2018)
Audience Choice Winner, FID Marseille 2018.
Grand Prix du Jury, Festival Internacional de Cine, Valdivia (Chile).
Thomas and Francis rob Wilfrid, the owner of a carwash chain, at gun point. Unexpectedly, he turns out to be thrilled by the new company he finds himself with, who brighten up his lonely life. “The plot develops at a gentle pace, with no more conviction than our two accidental robbers. What matters most here is a sort of funny atmosphere, if you can put it like that, which has as much to do with the simplicity and precision of Claude Schmitz’s remarkable production as it does with the remarkable actors in the small group of protagonists.” (Jean-Pierre Rehm). 

Rien sauf l’été (2017)
Grand Prix Europe and Special Recognition from the Distributors, Brive European Medium-Length Film Meetings 2017.
It’s summertime. With a desire to leave the city far behind, Olivier rents a room in a castle in the countryside, looking for peace. As the days pass, the young man gets to know the local wildlife.