In the presence of the Director

Wolfgang Fischer creates a claustrophobic atmosphere in open waters, where some sail freely and others drown, ’...a documentary reality that simultaneously functions as an allegory about the West’s ambivalence toward the refugee crisis.’ - Hollywood reporter.  A topical and sobering tale of morality, the film critiques the state of our terrifying and polarised world: a deep-blue sea contrasting with rescue line suggesting that ‘...all it takes to help is throwing out a line.’ - Hollywood reporter.
Rike - mid-30s, a doctor from Europe - embodies a typically Western model of happiness and success. She is educated, confident, determined and committed. We see Rike‘s everyday life, as an overworked emergency doctor, before she sets out on a much-needed holiday on Gibraltar. There she fulfils a long-held dream and sails out to sea alone in her sailing boat. Her goal: Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean. But her dream holiday is quickly broken off on the high seas, when, after a storm, she finds herself near a stricken refugee boat. Unless she intervenes, around a hundred people will drown – their utterly overloaded boat has sprung a leak. Rike follows maritime law and radios for help - legally, she is not obliged to do any more. But when her calls are left unanswered, and then rejected for spurious reasons, she decides to overcome her fear and try to rescue whoever she can.


STYX, in the presence of director Wolfgang Fischer, will be followed by a Q&A and live streaming debate in 18 European countries

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